Invisibility Attacks

Have you ever felt invisible? You’re in the room but nobody appears to notice you’re there? Their gaze passes by you without pause. A comment of yours is ignored and the conversation continues as if you weren’t even present.

Worse yet, have you ever had the distinct impression that others are seeing a “you” that doesn’t exist?

Have you ever posed a simple request for information only to be barraged with somebody else’s plan for your life?

A friend of mine used to talk about the invisibility attacks he was frequently subjected to on the road. Apparently his vehicle was nondescript enough that other drivers would turn into his lane as if he wasn’t there, forcing him to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision. To add insult to injury, sometimes his car wouldn’t trip the intersection lights, so he’d sit waiting for the light to turn, in vain.

In the past, invisibility attacks occurred  around me on a regular basis. If I wasn’t overlooked, I was dealing with individuals who wanted to live their lives through mine. There were times it got a little crowded in here!

At other times I noticed I was subject to invisibility when I did or said something completely out of a person’s realm of experience.

Sometimes – and I’m really not a raving women’s libber, honest – I think my words were not given credence simply because I was a woman. Or young. Or just different.

What’s a Body to Do?

Sometimes all you can do is take evasive action to avoid being plowed over. Other times the only option is to give it a wry smile, forgive them “for they don’t know what they’re doing” and go on.

Fortunately, I have almost always had at least one friend who “saw” me, who accepted me for who I was, not just for what I could do.

And I was never truly alone.  For me, it was always a comfort that my Creator God was always  nearby and “saw” me in a deeper sense than everyone else could, including myself. I have always been understood and valued, where it truly mattered.

When I was invisible, God saw me.

When I was overlooked, God included me.

When my voice was not heard, God listened avidly.

When nobody seemed to be glad to see me,

God reached out and embraced me, favored me.


That’s why I wrote in my book, Shalom Path:

“God himself has chosen to be

forever favorably disposed toward me.”

With God I am never invisible. I am fully known, fully embraced.

The next time you suffer an “invisibility attack” may you remember that you are fully known and of incredible value to at least one person.

No invisibility here

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Phyllis Hopper is a creative free spirit who loves exploring new places and getting to know new peoples and cultures. She makes her home base in Kansas.

3 thoughts on “Invisibility”

  1. Phyllis you are so delightful and interesting I just hope the world wakes up to the task amazing you!

  2. Phyllis you are so delightful and interesting I just hope the world wakes up to the real amazing you!

    1. Awww, shucks! Thanks for the affirmation. Have you ever felt invisible? (that’s hard for me to imagine with your shining personality, but…)

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