The Forever-Embrace

Forever-Embrace What?

You know that feeling when you’re suddenly aware that you are in a place that is both safe and right and that you “belong” here?  That’s the embrace part.

The forever part is how you feel when you sink down into the reality that this embrace can never be taken away from you!

It’s both Good
AND Safe
will never go away.

No matter what happens, regardless of what life throws at you, you have One Good Thing that can never be taken away. That is what I mean by “forever-embrace.”


Forever-Embrace is a poem – in reality the lyrics of a song –  that reflects on both my personal experiences and my prayer for a country that is on my heart.


Only you can bring joy in the morning, Continue reading The Forever-Embrace

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Grace – Empty Words Defined

Let’s say you are sitting (or standing) in a church meeting, and you hear somebody say the word “grace” as part of the presentation. When you hear this word, what image comes to mind? Giving thanks for food?

If you conjure up a big blank, then you are not alone. To many people, the word “grace” is an empty word. It has a vaguely positive meaning, but nothing specific. Continue reading Grace – Empty Words Defined

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