Living – not Just Existing

I promised several weeks ago, to give you some practical ways to get yourself out of “mere existence” mode and  into living. I feel a little strange offering how-tos on something that is largely a product of Divine-human interaction. That’s why last week’s post became Continue reading Living – not Just Existing

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Tai Chi and Shalom

Note: This post is one of several articles written to expand upon what appears as stark statements in my recent book "Shalom Path:Journey of the Heart."


I suppose you’re wondering what Tai Chi has to do with an ancient Hebrew word. Maybe you are thinking, “Tai Chi? Isn’t that a Chinese dish or something?” Okay, so Tai Chi may sound like something way out in left field, but I ask you to not write me off, at least not just yet.  I hope to show you something I’m beginning to discover, that the Shalom Path has a connection to at least one Continue reading Tai Chi and Shalom

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Shalom Is More Than “Peace”

My book, Shalom Path: Journey of the Heartis based on the rich meanings behind the Hebrew word transliterated as “Shalom.” Since I am not a Hebrew scholar, I would welcome the insights and experiences of those of you who have a history of living with  this word. Please feel free to add your comments below. Continue reading Shalom Is More Than “Peace”

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